Thank you to all those who made a difference through our Harvest Drives across Broward County
this Year! Every hour you worked, every can you collected,
every fundraiser has made assisting over 2000 families in Broward County possible.

As we move forward into the next year, Harvest Drive supplies a food pantry year-round for
Broward County Social workers to utilize for families that are in need. Please consider a donation
this holiday season so that we can continue to stamp out hunger in our communities.

Harvest Drive remains a 100% volunteer charity,
staffed by  students, school administrators,teachers, community sponsors and "worker bees"
Purpose of The Harvest Drive
The Harvest Drive is a yearlong project that culminates events
that take place at several public schools every Thanksgiving.
Families receive a complete Thanksgiving meal and a week's
worth of grocery staples, as well as personal and household
necessities during Thanksgiving season.

Fundraising efforts and collections are under way throughout the
fall season. In years past, student from over 150 public and
private schools, as well as  churches, temples and many other
community organizations have held drives and supplied the
Harvest Drive with the non-perishable food that is distributed to
our families.

The unique characteristic of the program is that in addition to the
business and community donations, children are at the helm of
all collections. In addition to helping others, the purpose of the
Harvest Drive is to teach children at an early age that their
contributions can make a difference in the lives of others, by
facilitating their direct

High school clubs fundraise and collect large quantities of food
obtained at local grocery stores throughout the County. Middle
and elementary school students collect food and funds
throughout their classrooms and other school wide activities.
Civic clubs, local businesses, corporations, volunteer
organizations and PTAs have generously sponsored the Harvest
Drive by providing money to purchase the perishable foods.

Children Helping Children
Educating children and creating a consciousness about the needs
of their community; promoting altruism and giving them the
opportunity to help others are the cornerstone of the Harvest
Drive. Harvest Drive believes in encouraging the concept of
children and adults working hand-in-hand to assist families in
Broward County with gifts of food and other necessities during
the Thanksgiving holidays and throughout the year. Please join us
in our efforts to stamp out hunger our Broward County
Great Video by Students
About Students!
The Harvest Drive at Glades Middle School was featured in a video by WAHS which produces a
morning show at American Heritage in Plantation. A job well done giving a true look into what it takes
to produce a Harvest Drive and the passion to all involved! Go to this link to view:
Glades Harvest Drive Video

If interested in volunteer opportunities,
as well as for students wanting to earn
Community Service Hours,
contact Davi, our Volunteer Coordinator at
We Would Love to Hear From You!

We value our volunteers and sponsors as we all work
together in helping to stamp out hunger in our
communities. Your time and donations make it possible
for Harvest Drive to reach so many families every year.

Please click on the link and review your experience in
being part of our organization.